Our Objectives

We will work with you to agree specific strategic objectives which will be reflected in our Service Level Agreement with you. Our general objectives, which inform our whole approach to this work, are:

  • To reduce your total claims costs. We achieve this by speedy and accurate case handling.

  • To handle your cases promptly and efficiently. We achieve this quite simply by controlling the number of cases our experienced staff handle at any one time. Most of our competitors overburden their staff with cases resulting in increased claims life spans, increased litigation, and much increased cost for the client.

  • To give you control over your claims. Our work system is entirely paperless. You will have web access to all your cases and reports at any time, and all data will be completely up to date.

  • To protect your brand and enhance your reputation. We apply that rare commodity – common sense – when handling your cases; we will alert you to any “reputation” issues at once to agree our strategy.