Our Partners

Claims Investigations - The Liability Network (TLN)

TLN is a specialist liability adjusting, claims investigation, and consultancy operation providing services to clients on a nationwide basis. They employ only highly experienced personnel. They have provided us with a top quality and very prompt national claims investigation service for many years. They report to us electronically so that their detailed reports and all appropriate documentation, including photographs, will be available for viewing by clients on our website.

Claimants Costs Negotiation – Legal Costs Negotiators (LCN)

Claimants costs often represent a wholly disproportionate percentage of the total claims cost in cases where damages are worth up to 15,000 – in other words in the vast majority of cases. Negotiating these costs is a highly specialised business, which is why we use LCN who are acknowledged experts in the field. When negotiating they achieve savings on over 99% of files assessed. With average savings of over 35% of total claimants costs claimed, their service perfectly complements our own in driving down our clients total cost of claims.